Title I
    Program Description

    Students who reside in the Bellefonte Area School District, yet attend St. John's Parochial School (a nonpublic school), receive Title I services by Bellefonte Area School District Title I professional staff members. Students are initially assessed for Title I services following teacher or parent referral. Students designated as needing services are given specific performance-based assessments to determine eligibility. Eligible students receive instruction that is aligned to student need and coordinated with the classroom teachers.

    Three benchmark DIBELS assessments are conducted via handheld technology for all students in first through third grade. Title 1 students are also progress monitored using DIBELS assessments at least one time per month in addition to the benchmark assessments. This literacy assessment program helps to identify students in need of remediation and ensures that students secure needed literacy skills. It also provides data for monitoring individual student and group progress. DIBELS assessments are aligned with the PA Academic Standards 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.6.

    The Title I Reading Program for nonpublic schools provides explicit instruction and ample practice opportunities. Formal and informal assessment tools along with a baseline diagnosis of essential skills provide the data for teachers to design individualized learning opportunities for Title I students. Pre- and post- assessments, along with progress monitoring assessments, enable students, parents, and teachers to see individual student progress. Title 1 reading specialists begin working with identified students in grades 1-3.

    The District provides a pull-out program that addresses the individual learning needs for identified students in grades 1-3. Throughout the school year, instructional reinforcement materials, home involvement publications, progress reports, and parent letters are sent home. Also, parents are given the opportunity to attend parent-teacher conferences, informational meetings and training workshops. Teachers, whom deliver Title I Reading services, are provided the opportunity to participate in on-going, sustained professional development activities in the area of literacy.