• Wood Lab Rules/Expectations


    1.      Students are expected to act in an appropriate manner; inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

    2.      Students are expected to follow all personal safety rules. (no open toe shoes, confine loose clothing and long hair and always wear safety glasses)

    3.      Inappropriate/profane language is not permitted.

    4.      Students must ask for permission before they may leave the room.

    5.      No food or drink is permitted in the wood lab area.

    6.      Tobacco Products will not be tolerated.  Chewing gum will be permitted as long as it is disposed of in the proper place.

    7.      The teachers office is off limits unless permission is given to enter this area.

    8.      At the end of class, students are expected to return projects to the storage area and clean the shop in their assigned areas.

    9.      Students who are late to class without a pass will be considered late.

    10.  Payment for projects: students are responsible for payment of all projects, they will need to pay for the actual board footage used, students will also need to calculate board footage.

    11.  If you are warned 3 times for not wearing your safety glasses, you will be given a referral to the office for detention

    12.  Students who fail to work or are being disruptive to others will be written up or sent to the office for disciplinary action.

    13.  Students are required to keep a daily log of work completed in the wood lab, failure to complete this log will result in a possible failing grade.

    14.   No electronic music playing devices.