• Sophomore creates website that gets global attention for advocacy in women’s wrestling

    Sophomore Annaliese Witmer smiles and shows off a notebook she uses to take notes about wrestling. She said it's where she documents just about everything while at wrestling events.

    Bellefonte Area High School sophomore Annaliese Witmer has a relatively calm demeanor throughout the school day. That changes when the 16-year-old talks about wrestling – particularly women’s wrestling and all it entails – and then she’s glowing with passion about the subject.

    Witmer created a website, called Takedown Talk, that revolves around all things regarding women’s wrestling in Pennsylvania and across the country, making her a household name in the wrestling community and allowing her to connect with some of the biggest names in the sport.

    She talks more with district Director of Public Relations Brit Milazzo in this Q&A.

    To learn more about the website, visit this link: Takedown Talk. You may also see Witmer’s social media posts in regard to women’s wrestling, here: Twitter

  • What is Takedown Talk?

  • When was it created?

  • What inspired you to do this?

  • What’s your main goal with this?

  • What are some of the things Takedown Talk features?

  • What other kinds of opportunities has this website allowed you to pursue?

  • What do you tell people about why supporting the movement in women’s wrestling is important?

  • Who has been one of the most influential people you’ve been able to work with?

  • What’s next for you in this endeavor?

  • What has the response been from others since you started on this journey?

  • You give a lot back to the wrestling community. What have you gained back in the process?