• Bellefonte Area High School

    Wood Technology



    Instructor:  Vaughn W. Donmoyer

    Classroom:   Room 168

    Woodworking 2


                 This course is designed as a general woodworking course that investigates the art of woodworking and related safety strategies.  This course will thoroughly cover both hand and machine woodworking tools to develop basic skills and techniques for use in the wood shop setting. Prerequisite for Woodworking 2 is Woodworking 1.


    Course Outcomes:

    Students will:  1.   Generate project plans and use them to safely complete a project.

    2.      Abide by and use all safety strategies and rules.

    3.      Use Basic hand and machine processes and techniques as applied to woodworking.

    4.      Measure with Accuracy to 1/16 of an inch.

    5.      Classify wood into hardwoods and softwoods.

    6.      Identify wood species  that are used in the lab including, Pine, Poplar, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Mahogany.

    7.      Use all power tools in the shop safely to complete projects

    8.      Use self made or bought plans to successfully complete a project.

    9.      Use personal protective equipment (PPE) to abide with state and OSHA safety guidelines.

    10.  Use proper sanding techniques to attain a proper surface suitable for finish application.

    11.  Properly apply finish to projects (including: wax, stain, polyurethane and oil finish).

    12.  Choose wood that will be suitable for a project considering factors such as strength, aesthetics and overall quality.



    Course Questions

    1.      Why is an orderly plan of procedure necessary to develop a woodworking project?

    2.      Why is an understanding of safety rules necessary to protect you and the people around you?

    3.      What experience from woodworking will help with career decisions?

    4.      How do I classify wood by species?

    5.      How do I identify wood by looking at a board?

    6.      When do I need to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and why is it necessary in the wood lab?

    7.      How do I prepare a project for finish application?

    8.      How do I properly stain a project?

    9.      What finish can I use to protect/seal my project from outside elements?

    10.  What will I learn that I can take with me that will help in cost savings in the future?



                Evaluation will be in accordance with the Bellefonte Area High School grading policy as stated in the handbook.  In accordance with individual potential, a student is expected to master the level of achievement for his/her level.  The students efforts to reach the outcome will be measured by the teacher during classroom observations of the student and his/her work.  Final grades will be determined by averaging the actual grade from each quarter according to the following scale:  A: 100-90%

                                                                                        B:  89-80%

                                                                                        C:  79-70%

                                                                                        D:  69-60%

                                                                                        F:   59-0%


    Classroom Grade will be evaluated by the following:

                1.  Quizzes and Tests                          25%

                2.  Class Participation (class work)     50%

                3.  Projects                                          25%


    Grading Policy:

                Students are expected to work at a pace that is safe for them and at a pace that matches their skill and comfort level.  Students will all be graded equally by the grading criteria stated above.  Student projects will be graded with previous experience and effort put forth into a project taken into consideration.  Students will not fail if 100% effort is given in a project no matter what the outcome of the project may be. 

                This year in order to make the wood lab run as safely and effectively as possible, students will need to complete both a daily work schedule and also a project time line.  These schedules both work in unison to make students have a short term goal to meet (time line) and also show what work they have completed on a daily basis.  These two forms will help assure that students are getting the grades they deserve by the effort they put into the course. 


    Standards Addressed:









    NOTE: Students must pay for all materials used in the lab for construction of projects either required or personal.