• BAMS sax players perform for school board

    saxAt a Bellefonte Area school board meeting Feb. 8, four seventh- and eighth-grade saxophone players from Bellefonte Area Middle School had the chance to perform for the members and public attendees. They were Zach Kimmich, Sadie Stodart, Julia Weiser and Brady Wynkoop – performing “Seven Nation Army” and “The Raiders March.”

    Brenna Bixler, middle school music teacher and band director, said the board has been regularly inviting various student musicians to perform at board meetings, and her group was among those invited to perform and be recognized.

    “This year’s seventh- and eighth-grade saxophones are very advanced musicians, so I thought it would be a nice enrichment opportunity for them,” Bixler said. “It allows them to build small ensemble performance skills and is a fun way for them to contribute to the community.”

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations director, BASD

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