• LAX program creates unique fundraising effort to also help promote local business community

    glaxThe lacrosse program at Bellefonte Area School District has a good support system. And they also know it’s important to recognize those that give back to the program. That’s why a unique fundraiser was created to help benefit the program, while also promoting the Bellefonte area business community.

    “If you live in Bellefonte, you love Bellefonte,” said Shannon Lake, the mother of a student-athlete and who is also a member of the Bellefonte Lacrosse Association booster club. “We felt by highlighting the wonderful restaurants and businesses here that maybe we could help support eating and shopping local.”

    By featuring a variety of merchants and restaurants, members of the lacrosse program hope to remind people of all the great things the area has to offer.

    “If we help and support each other, we all benefit,” Lake said. “I mean, these businesses will always own a small part of each our memories and our kid’s memories.”

    logoCalled the Taste of Bellefonte and the Best of Bellefonte, the raffle-style fundraiser will be held March 11-30. See a list of participating businesses, here: Grand prizes. For more information, you may also visit this link: Raffle information

    Money raised will go back into the program with items and opportunities not provided by the district. This could include equipment, tournaments, team apparel, meals and snacks, special celebrations such as senior recognition night and more. It also benefits the lacrosse program at Bellefonte Area Middle school, which is school-affiliated, but self-funded.

    blaxLake said that in January, a fundraising committee was established to determine the plan to work with local businesses – “iconic favorites” and new establishments – with the intent of including a broad range of options that are also family-friendly. They then used a multistep approach to work with business owners to help build up excitement and momentum for the event.

    “We have had a few years now without much fundraising due to COVID, and it was imperative that we cooked up something good,” Lake said.

    The high school boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams are in its fourth year as a school-funded high school program, under direction of head coaches Rick Johnson and Doug McKee. To learn more about the teams and see season schedules, visit these links: Boys’ LAX schedule and girls’ LAX schedule

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations director, BASD