• Key Club benefits the Sunshine Foundation

    keyclubMembers of Key Club at Bellefonte Area High School found inspiration from past members to donate to a cause that hits home. This year, and for the first time since the pandemic, the club held a fundraiser for the Sunshine Foundation – a Pennsylvania-based organization that provides dreams to children in need. They also have a location in Florida.

    According to its website, the Sunshine Foundation’s “sole purpose is to answer the dreams of chronically ill, seriously ill, physically challenged and abused children ages 3-18, whose families cannot fulfill their requests due to financial strains that the children’s illness may cause.”

    “A few years ago, the president of KC at the time had a little sister who received a wish from Sunshine Foundation,” English teacher and club adviser Jennifer Walter said. “Because of his family's experience with the organization, he wanted to give back and help other kids have their wishes come true.”

    Through a flower sale Key Club raised $98. They then matched the amount and rounded up to $200 for a final donation. Flowers sold for $2, $3 and $5 that members of the school could purchase and give to a friend that were delivered to the recipients during Raider Period on Valentine’s Day.

    “We haven't been able to hold this sale, fundraiser for a few years, so we're excited to bring it back,” Walter said in an email.

    She added it was an easy endeavor because of past fundraisers the club has held before.

    Key Club is a student-run organization with a mission to provide services to local and global communities, have a positive impact, and build character and leadership skills.

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations director, BASD