• Chain Reaction Club sends small messages of kindness and positivity

    garmandoorBellefonte Area Middle School seventh-grade student Zoey Smith is part of the school’s Chain Reaction Club to help spread a little kindness and positivity with those around her. It’s one of the reasons she enjoyed being a part of a project earlier in the winter that simply aimed to make the day of Principal Sommer Garman and Vice Principal Joe Eckenroth a little brighter, knowing that it can sometimes come with daily stresses.

    When the school’s leaders got to work Jan. 28, they arrived to a pleasant surprise they said not only made their day better just by reading small notes left on their office doors, but had a lasting influence beyond just one day. It was so appreciated, in fact, that Garman added she just couldn’t bring herself to take the notes off her door. Eckenroth agreed.

    “We came in Friday to these beautiful doors,” Garman said. “Students still come by and point out which notes they wrote (and) I think it makes them happy to see that we still have the notes on our door.”

    “You’re awesome," "Thank you" and “We appreciate you” were just some messages written on sticky notes, and left on the office doors of Eckenroth and Garman by members of the school’s Chain Reaction Club.

    “The meaning of the Post-It (Notes) is to spread positivity and to do something kind for the people who work hard to make a difference in the school,” Zoey said. “We try and make a difference in the school because it could encourage other people to try and make the school a better place.”

    vdayChain Reaction Club was established as a student organization aimed at promoting positivity in the school and community, and created with inspiration from Rachel’s Challenge made in memory of Rachel Joy Scott, the first student killed in the Columbine High School shooting, known for her enthusiasm in spreading kindness.

    Teacher and club adviser Sam Raabe said student club members additionally created magnets for everyone’s locker that were posted on Valentine’s Day.

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations director, BASD