• Bellefonte students part of winning design team for new CIU10 logo

    Central Intermediate Unit 10 has a new logo, and it was created in part by four Bellefonte Area High School students who are part of the advertising arts program at Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology.

    According to Bellefonte Area school board President Jeff Steiner, who also sits on the board for the IU, a notice was put out to all schools within its coverage area for proposals to be made in regard to submitting a design. Three schools responded, which also included Keystone Central’s visual arts class, and the digital and media parts program at the career and technical center in Clearfield County.

    The design submitted by five students from CPI was selected:

    • Abigail Barone, Bellefonte Area High School
    • Alex Gilbert, Penns Valley Area High School
    • Katie Jabco, Bellefonte Area High School
    • Autumn Miller, Bellefonte Area High School
    • Emma Shawley, Bellefonte Area High School

    “Throughout our design process we were trying to stick with what the people at CIU wanted,” Barone said. “In doing that we went through many different design choices, from a tree, to a worm with a hat, all the way to a book with stars.”

    After meeting with representatives from the IU, Barone said they appeared to like the book idea best, so the group went back to the drawing board to create the book theme that also tied into the landscape of central Pennsylvania – with mountains that indicate the three counties served by the IU, in addition to a sun, which represents a new horizon.

    Shawley said the design team also wanted to make sure they used action points such as "universal access, equity and innovation" to show CIU 10's new mission and vision. Last year, CIU 10 rebranded its mission, vision and goals, and opened up a competition for area students to compete in the creation of a new logo.

    According to CPI, the commercial and advertising arts group under direction of instructor Don Crane worked “diligently” (from) October through December creating, revising and producing a new logo and were honored during a board meeting on Jan. 20.

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations director, BASD

  • ciulogo

    Central Intermediate Unit 10 offers educational support resources for schools and other facilities in Centre, Clearfield and Clinton counties.

    • Mission: CIU 10 provides innovative and engaging educational services for learners from birth to adult, which support equal access to educational opportunities.
    • Vision: Strategic partnerships promoting equity, access, and innovative educational opportunities for all.
    • Goals
      • Capacity:Develop the capacity of the IU by analyzing its facilities and policies
        • Strategy areas: Facilities, Policy Development
      • Service model: Develop and implement new, efficient service models.
        • Strategy areas: Delivery, District Liaison Initiative, Independent Contractors, Partnerships
      • Culture: Cultivate and solidify a culture of innovation that supports the learning and growth of our IU.
        • Strategy areas: Communication/Marketing, Image

    *Information provided by CUI10