• Campbell fills vacant seat on school board

    nateAt a Bellefonte Area school board meeting Jan. 11, the board unanimously approved Nate Campbell to fill an empty seat after Mark Badger resigned on Jan. 4.

    Board President Jeff Steiner said the replacement came in a “expedited fashion” due to a following board retreat, in addition to an “aggressive” future agenda that would require a full nine-member board of school directors to accomplish its needs and goals.

    Seven candidates applied. They were:

    • Patrick Buck
    • Nate Campbell
    • Timothy Gardner
    • Holly Hopkins
    • Sandra Stewart
    • Joseph Woodward
    • Joseph Yech

    In a unanimous decision, Campbell, a 20-year resident of the Bellefonte Area School District, was selected to fill the seat.

    Campbell, an engineer and father of two daughters who attend district schools, spoke about his platforms and concerns – the elementary building project and charter school funding. He added that he also brings a wealth of public service experience to the role.

    In addition to sitting on several district committees, Campbell was also a part of the building project committee that solicited feedback and information from district and community members in regard to the proposed elementary building project.

    At the end of the meeting, Campbell took the oath of office.

    Please see the video on this website for more information.

  • Other board information
    *For more board notes, please see this document: Board notes

    • Appointment of new employees
      • Evelyn Eicher to the position of attendance clerk at Bellefonte Elementary School
      • Bonnie Folmar to the position of utility clerk at Pleasant Gap Elementary School
      • Mikayla Hubbs as a temporary professional employee to the position of long-term substitute fifth-grade teacher at Marion-Walker Elementary School
      • Marlee Jones as a temporary professional employee to the position of learning support teacher at Benner Elementary School.
    • Approval of interns and volunteers
    • Board member Donna Smith presented a legislative update
    • Board President Jeff Steiner gave a “president’s report
    • Contract among Bellefonte Area School District and Central Intermediate Unit No. 10
    • Donations
      • Five metal-raised garden beds for students to plant and maintain the Pleasant Gap Elementary School garden from Vego Garden
      • Hats and gloves to Bellefonte Elementary School from Nittany Country Club
      • $300 from Betsy Futterman to the Bellefonte Elementary School Library
    • Health and Safety Plan information was presented by Pandemic Coordinator Karen Krisch (and was subsequently approved by the board)
    • Job descriptions
    • Junior high baseball as a club sport beginning spring 2022
    • Rescinding of two past actions
      • Motion on April 13, 2021, that all Native American imagery used throughout the district be officially and respectfully retired.
      • Motion on April 28, 2021, to drop the word “Red” and retain the word “Raiders” as its future nickname or moniker, beginning with the 2021-22 school year.
    • Retirement of Pleasant Gap Elementary School kindergarten teacher Melissa Hockenberry effective at the end of the school year. Hockenberry has been with the district since 2000.
    • Superintendent Tammie Burnaford gave a presentation that outlined items including an update on Bellefonte eLearning Academy