• Model UN takes top award

    At a competition in April, the Model UN team from Bellefonte Area High School took team and individual awards at the Ohio competition. According to staff adviser and teacher Ed Fitzgerald, the team won seven of 13 individual awards, and placed first as Overall Best School, earning 36 of 50 points.

    “This is no small feat as we were are up against schools where Model UN is a class,” Fitzgerald said in an email.

    Model UN, according to its website, is a simulation of the General Assembly of the United Nations and its other multilateral bodies where students perform an ambassador role while debating topics.

    Security Council 1:

    • Margaret Gray-representing Vietnam-Excellent Delegate Award
    • Cecilia Mazzocco-representing Niger-Excellent Delegate Award
    • Bailey Hoff-representing St. Vincent & the Grenadines- Excellent Delegate Award
    • Rianna Morris-representing China-Excellent Delegate Award

    Security Council 2:

    • Jacob Henry- representing St. Vincent & the Grenadines- Excellent Delegate Award
    • Austin Melius- representing China- Excellent Delegate Award

    Security Council 3:

    • Shannon Anderson-representing China-Excellent Delegate Award