AP (Advanced Placement) Exam Schedule Information

    2020-2021 School Year

     If you need help with AP exam information you can contact Dr. Burns at jburns@basd.net/814-355-4833 extension 8525 and/or call AP Services for Students and Parents

    AP Services for Students and Parents


    AP Student for Students Hours: M-F, 9 am- 6 pm ET, May 3-14


    Our 2021 AP exams begin May 18. Go  here for the complete schedule for AP Exams Administration 2: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/exam-calendar#administration2

    • May 18-21
      • May 18: Digital: Eng. Lit/Comp Sci A
      • May 19: Digital: Euro, US Hist/Art Hist, Macroecon
      • May 20: Digital: Gov, World Hist/Psychology
      • May 21: Paper, In School: Span Lang/Music Theory
    • May 24-28
      • May 24: Paper, In School: Calc AB, BC/Physics
      • May 25: Paper, In School: Chemistry/Stat
      • May 26: Digital: Eng. Lang/Comp Sci Principles
      • May 27: Digital: Bio/Env. Sci.
      • May 28: Digital: Comp Gov, Human Geo/Microecon

    Students taking the in-school paper and pencil exams will take their exams at the following locations in the High School:

    • AP Spanish Language  Lab B
    • AP Music Theory the Orchestra Room
    • AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC Lab B
    • AP Physics Lab A
    • AP Statistics Lab B

    All AP Exam students should access their College Board MyAP account to view the date and time for each of their individual AP Exam(s)  - go to your MyAP AP Login for your Registration and Ordering site. You’ll need to sign-in with your College Board Username and Password.

    Let me know as soon as possible if you have any issues with signing in.

    AP exam students should be receiving AP exam information from the College Board to their personal email addresses. Let me know right away if you have not received recent messages from College Board about your exam(s).

    All digital exams are at home. 

    For Paper and Pencil in-school exams – students must read the AP Exam Terms and Conditions prior to their exam day(s): https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/ap-2020-2021/about-2021-ap-exams/terms-conditions

    Digital Exam students will agree to the AP Exam terms and conditions on their Digital Exam Practice.


    Review these sites for more complete AP Exam Information and Instructions:


    2021 AP Exam Instructions



    2021 AP Exam Terms and Conditions



    Preview 2021 Digital AP Exams - Preview the 2021 Digital Exam Video and Slideshow!!



    Four Steps to Take Digital AP Exams


    All AP Exam students  must use a personal email for their CollegeBoard account. The CollegeBoard cannot send your AP exam information to your school email address or an incorrect email address. Check your CollegeBoard account email address now!! AP Student must have their College Board account username and password to access the 2021 AP Digital Exam application, every time they access the app. 

    Students must access their digital exams on their school managed chromebooks, practice the demo for each exam, practice each exam, and then - 

    3 days before each digital exam, students must complete their exam setup for each exam. This is the most critical readiness step, when the exam is loaded onto their testing computer - their school mangaged chromebook only.  If students don't complete exam setup, they won't be able to test.

    On each exam day - Students must sign-in to their digital exams 30 minutes before the start time of each of their exams. If they miss signing in and completing pre-exam tasks they will not be able to take the exam that day. They will have the opportunity to test in the next administration window. ​The 2021 Digital Exams are full length exams, approximately three hours in length. Students should plan accordingly. 

    Please go here for information about the 2020-21 AP exam schedule, then View the Exam Schedule for Administration 2.


    Please go here for more information about Digital AP Exams: 


    The 2021 AP Digital Exam application is now available on students' school issued chromebook. If you are scheduled to take a digital exam you must complete the installation of the app on your school chromebook.

    Students must use their school chromebook to take thei Digital AP exam.

    To access the digital app -- 

    • Open the lid of your school chromebook.
    • Do not sign in to your chromebook. 
    • Go to the bottom left corner and open apps. 
    • Click on the long url. It will spin and open to an CollegeBoard AP sign-in page. 
    • Sign-in with your College Board user name and password. 
    • You will then see Terms and Conditions for the app.
    • Carefully read through the Terms and Conditions.
    • Accept.
    • Go to the tab at the top right for Digital Practice for your exams. Be sure you can view and practice the correct exam for each of your ordered exams. 
    • To sign out go to the top right corner where you'll see your name and small yellow profile icon, click on the icon to sign-out and follow the instructions to power off.
    • The next time you open your chromebook you can go to the apps tab again and see the 2021 AP Digital Exam app. 
    Be sure to complete the practice demo for your digital exam(s) and practice the exam at home where you will take your exam(s). You must have good internet connection. 
    Check your College Board account email frequently for information about your AP exam(s). 

    For AP Paper and Pencil Exams

    Students should arrive at their testing room 10 minutes prior to the scheduled exam time.

    Students cannot come late or dismiss early from an AP exam.  

    • Athletes will not be permitted to leave an AP exam early to participate in an athletic event.
    • Students will not be permitted to leave an AP exam early to go to work.
    • Students will not be permitted to leave for an appointment.
    • If you have a conflict let me know asap – an alternate exam in a later testing window can be ordered
    • Morning exam students will eat the last lunch period.
    • Afternoon exam students will eat the earliest lunch period, Lunch A. 
      • All AP Statistics students may have Lunch A in Lab C before AP Stat Exam
    • Students taking afternoon exams need to plan on alternate transportation home other than the school bus. Afternoon exams may not complete until 4:00 pm or in some cases 4:30 pm. Transportation is not provided. 
    • All Electronic Devices (Cell phones and all wearable devices) must be powered off and will be collected in the exam room – it’s best to leave them in your locker.
    • AP Spanish Language and AP Music Theory students must practice with (Digital Audio Capture) DAC on their school Chromebooks!

     For all AP Exam students - If you have a conflict with any AP exam let me know right away!  

    • AP Exams come before Keystone Exams - May 20 and May 21 are Keystone exam make-up days, if students miss the make-up days, they may take the Keystone re-test in the Winter of 2020.
    • May 25 Seniors attending the Senior Video and taking the AP Statistics exam may come to Lab C after the video and stay until exam time. The Video may be over about 10:00. You may leave the building and return in time for the exam by 11:50.
    • May 27 Senior Graduation Walk – I will meet seniors taking the AP Biology exam that day at BAMS to walk with them to the High School. Mrs. Durney will give me a time to be there.