• Greetings Seniors!  


    This page contains information about how to apply for the 2021 Bellefonte Area High School Senior Awards. 

    Step 1 - Download the Standard Award Checklist and Special Award Checklist

    Step 2 - Review the Senior Awards Book to see which awards you qualify for and check off those that apply on the applicable checklist

    Step 3 - Once you have both checklists completed, you are ready to move on to the next step. If you are applying for any of the special awards, please wait until you have all of your materials ready before beginning the awards application. You will be able to view what materials are needed for Special Applications here

    Once you are ready to start the Awards application, it can be found at this link


    When you go to the awards application, there are 3 parts. The first part is the standard application. In this section, you will provide information about yourself that will be used for all awards. This information is used in determining the award winners, so provide as much detail as possible.

    Once you have completed the standard application you will move on to part two: Standard Awards selection. It is called the Standard Awards section because those awards do not require any additional materials. They simply use the information you provided in the Standard Application section (part 1). Using your Standard Application checklist, you will pace a check in the box next to each Stanard Award you wish to apply for. PLEASE NOTE: Only apply for awards that you qualify for.

    Once you have completed the Standard Award section, you will move on to Part 3 - Special Awards. These are the awards that require some additional information, either an essay, a letter of recommendation, or both. Using your completed special awards checklist as a guide, you will select the special award from the dropdown menu and follow the directions. Once you have finished each special award, the system will take you back to the dropdown menu. Once you have completed all of your special applications, you can select "Finished - Submit Form" and click next. From there, you will see one additional screen that will have options to go back to a previous section or submit your application. 

    You may also view this short video that walks you through the application. 


    Online Applications must be completed and submitted by Monday, March 22nd at 11:59 P.M.  No late applications will be accepted.