• Civil Engineering and Architecture

    1 Credit

    Project Lead the Way Course (PLTW)


    This particular course gives students the opportunity to understand the difference between a Civil Engineers and an Architectural Engineer.  Students will be introduced to concepts and problems that a civil engineer would face on a job site as well as problems with designs of a structure or mechanical system that an Architectural Engineer would have to design and solve.  There are also many other disciplines that are taught or looked at through the course that may help students choose an individual career path after school.  This may include some of the following: Designers, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, HVAC, and other careers that apply to the creation and design of structures that we live in and work in everyday.

    Students will also engage in learning about Building Informaion Modeling (BIM) and how it can be used to model a building on the computer and look at the building as if is already been built and use the virtual software to walk around a building and look for areas that my need to be fixed or issues that could come up during Construction and raise the cost of the building.  The Revit software that we use is a main stay for commercial and residential buildings to show independent contractors what they are to be doing in areas of the building and potential problems that arise between contractors.  The software is also applied to scheduling, demolition, material schedules, and many other generating tables that are needed to complete a project.