• Materials and Engineering

    1 Credit


    This couse is an andvance course for students who have had previous success in one of the other engineering course or drafting courses that are offered at the High School.  Students should have some experience with drawing software and understanding the design model to solve real life problems.  The course uses the bases that everthing around us has been designed and made by human beings to make life better for us.  Some of these designs are new to fix existing problems and some of them are designed to make improvements to existing designs.


    Students will get the opportunity in class to create a design or improvement in area of interest.  They will go through a problem solving design model.  This will guide students in defining a problem, generating concepts, choosing a design, building a prototype and testing the design.  Throughout this a portfolio and a design brief will focus the students to build an effective design and research materials and cost that would be a contributing factor.  This class offers to teach students concepts in research and design.

    Students will also be exposed to understanding material properties, fasteners, gears, and design software for prototyping their designs.  It will also give students a chance to work with three d printers, laser engravers, and cnc applications.  Students may also need to work with manufacturing and design companies outside of school to help build their designs, which will teach students how to approach and work with people in the industrial world to reach their goals.