Degrees and Certifications:

Remote/Hybrid Students

Students who are remote/hybrid will livestream into class each day unless Mrs. Davy is absent, whereas they will receive an email that morning detailing what their work is for the day. 

Here is what remote/hybrid students should do each day for class:

1) Fill out their daily warmup using the Google form posted on Google Classroom. Students can access the warmup question for the day under the "Agenda" posted to the stream of Google Classroom.

2) Join Google meets to livestream into class. The link to this Google meet is in the header of their Google classroom page. 

*Attendance for class will be determined by both your presence AND participation in the meet each day. Please make sure to log on AND to be actively participating. I am not requiring cameras to be on at this time, but will if it seems like you are entering the meet just to get your attendance for the day but are not participating. 

If you have to use the restroom/get a drink/etc while online, please let me know before you leave your screen and when you return just like you would if you were in class.

Please reach out with any questions you may have (!