• Foundations of Engineering
    1 Credit Elective
    Introduction to basic drafting skills.  This class is aimed towards introducing students to a field that has many options and career paths that can be applied from this class.   Students learn concepts that can be carried into many post secondary fields and can help students find a very active and hands-on career choice that has many aspects of work in the field (job site) or in an active work environment.  Students can go on from this course and take the upper level engineering courses that can be applied to all engineering and skilled careers. 
    Students learn to apply:
                                                       Board Drafting Skills
                                                                  Autodesk CADD Software
                                                                  Solid Modeling
                                                                  BIM Modeling
                                                                  Plot Plans and Elevation Site Development
                                                                  Engineering Problem Solving
                                                                  Design Process
                                                                            Three D Printing and Prototyping skills
                                                                            CNC Applications and Designs
    Foundation to Engineering is becoming a stronger course with new exciting fun projects that are giving students a fun new learning style in the classroom and solving real life problems. 
    Take a look at this exciting course in the course description guide.  Students who are thinking of engineering as a career should give considerable thought to taking this course.