• GoGuardian is used to provide content filtering to students both at school and at home any time that they sign in with a BASD Google/email account. GoGuardian only works with student accounts.

    In addition to providing a safeguard for students, GoGuardian provides teachers with useful tools for instruction, especially for remote learning. With GoGuardian, teachers can view the content on student screens, open tabs for students (replacement for Share to Classroom), close student tabs, chat, present content, and host video sessions.

    Students will see the image shown below any time that a site is blocked by GoGuardian. If access to the site is needed for educational purposes, the student should let the teacher know. Teachers have access to a form to request that a site is blocked or unblocked.

    Website Blocked

    To learn more about how GoGuardian can help you as a teacher, take a look at the following resources.

    Getting Started with GoGuardian - start here to learn how to login, import classes and get started.

    Videos from BASD Flipgrid - see how to import classes, see student screens, and block unwanted sites such as YouTube

    GoGuardian Teacher Help Center - access the teacher training guide and tutorials for using all GoGuardian features

    GoGuardian Teacher Training Resources - sign in to access the teacher training guide, self-paced interactive course, and a recording from a training webinar.

    GoGuardian Teacher Playlist - Watch these short videos to see how to use scenes to manage student browsing using teacher commands.