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    Name: Mr. Mayes
    Grade/Subject: Technology Education
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    Welcome to my Website under the Technology Education Department.
    What should an upcoming high school student consider in when scheduling an elective course during their High School career?  My personal opinion are courses that will take future career options and give students the opportunity to apply fundamentals and learn applications related to the workforce in the classsroom.  My Technology courses are that opportunity and students are give the chance to use industrial standard software and problem solving techniques that are used outside of the classroom.  This means that students are given projects that are driven by society and the needs of our ever changing culture.
    I am also very focused on the future of engineering and giving students the opportunity to understand principles and applications that are necessary to be successful in an engineering field.  Part of the curriculum that I teach at the High School is the Project Lead the Way engineering inneciative curriculum.  Large engineering companies, such as, Lochheed Martin endorse this program and the goals of getting students started early in engineering fields.  The curriculum helps students prepare for the mind set and the applications that are needed to be successful in the engineering fields.  Students learn software applications, problem solving techniques, and basic math concepts that are not only useful in the engineering classroom, but also is many other high school subjects that are necessary for graduation.
    Courses that I currently Teach:
    Technical Drawing 1
    Technical Drawing 2
    Architectural Drawing
    Materials and Engineering
    Project Lead the Way Courses
             1. Introduction to Engineering and Design  (IED)
             2. Civil Engineering and Architecture          (CEA)
    Technology and Engineering Education is all about application and real life problem solving.
    Ride into the future with Technology and learn skills that will apply to a skilled labor/work force.