• Elementary building project: Original options

    At a school board meeting in August, architects and engineers from Hunt unveiled several possible construction and renovation options for the elementary building project. It comes with options to renovate existing buildings, construction of a new facility and the possibility of consolidating schools. Please see the slideshow in this link for information about the options or listen to the fifth installment of the elementary building project podcast: Part 5. More detailed information can also be found in this document provided by Hunt: Building conditions survey

    Please also see more information about the sub-options, below. After reviewing options and listening to the podcast, feel free to provide feedback about what option you believe is best and why: Survey

    *To see more information about the elementary building project, visit this link: Elementary building project

  • Sub-options

    Option 4A

    • Three-building model
    • Redistricting, reducing enrollment at Marion-Walker Elementary School to eliminate the trailers and not replace them (for about 300 students)
    • Addition (about 5,000 square feet) to Pleasant Gap Elementary School to accommodate additional students (about 300 students)
    • New elementary school building for 600 students (to replace a closed Bellefonte and Benner elementary school)
    • Once the costs are plugged in this shows to be similar to Option 4 costs and slightly more efficient than providing additions at both Marion-Walker and Pleasant Gap as shown in Option 4

    option 4 info

    Option 6A

    • Two schools – equity to both, 600 students each
    • Redistricting (with Bellefonte and Benner elementary schools closed) to Marion-Walker and Pleasant Gap elementary schools equally
    • Addition at Marion-Walker to accommodate additional students
    • Addition (of 40,000 square feet at Pleasant Gap) to accommodate 600 students (instead of building a new building)
    • Once the costs are plugged in this shows to be similar to Option 6 costs, but slightly less efficient than adding onto Marion-Walker and building a new building (with the closure of Pleasant Gap).

    option 6 info