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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    This site includes answers to frequently asked questions regarding Bellefonte Area School District's cyber education program. For more information, visit the BeLA website, here: BeLA. You may also learn more, here: BeLA infoPlease note, information may change based on any new guidelines or stipulations that may be presented to our educational institutions, but we will make updates as necessary.

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    Question: What is BeLA?
    It stands for Bellefonte eLearning Academy. It’s our cyber education program available for K-12 students, and gives them an opportunity to have a different learning environment from the traditional brick and mortar setting.

    Q: How do I enroll my student in the BeLA program?
    A: Please contact the child's school counselor or building administrator.

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  • Will my student's teacher be the same teacher that they would have at their current school?

  • Will my student have any connection to the Bellefonte Area School District?

  • Are there any live classes?

  • Do I need to provide my own laptop?

  • How will my student know what to do the first time?

  • How are classes chosen for my high school student?

  • How are classes chosen for my middle school student?

  • How are classes chosen for my elementary student?

  • What if I want my student to have different classes than the ones, which are assigned to them? Do we get to choose which classes my student has in BeLA?

  • Are students enrolled in BeLA able to attend Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology?

  • How will my student's special education needs be met?

  • Are there AP class options available for my high school student?

  • How do I help my student be successful in online learning?

  • How will my student’s attendance be tracked? What happens if my student does not work for the required hours each week?

  • Can my student still participate in extracurricular activities?