• Wrestling season highlights and accomplishments

    varwrestThe 2019-20 wrestling team had a successful season, bringing members to district championships and being well-represented at PIAA state finals. They were also Northwest Regional champions for the first time since 2000 and named Mountain League team champions for the third time in four years. They additionally made team history for most individual place winners at the King of the Mountain tournament and Conestoga Valley Holiday Classic. The team was led by Coach Mike Maney and assistants Nate Alterio and Richard Taylor. Volunteer coaches included Ryan Smith and Keith Taylor.

    This season’s overall record was 14-4, while maintaining a second-quarter team academic average of 88.23 percent. Five members were also named Big 7 Wrestling League All-Stars. They are Jude Swisher, Alex Coppolo, Ethan Richner, Tyler Benner and Max Barrier.

  • Other accomplishments

    PIAA state championships

    • Jude Swisher, fourth place (126 lbs.)
    • Lane Aikey, seventh place (120 lbs.)
    • Ethan Richner, Ethan Rossman, Aidan O’Shea and Tyler Benner also qualified for states.

    Northwest Regional championship

    • Ethan Richner, first place (160 lbs.)
    • Ethan Rossman, first place (182 lbs.)
    • Lane Aikey, first place (120 lbs.)
    • Jude Swisher, first place (126 lbs.)
    • Aidan O’Shea, second place (113 lbs.)
    • Tyler Benner, second place (195 lbs.)
    • Alex Coppolo, fourth place (132 lbs.)
    • Max Barrier, fourth place (220 lbs.)

    District 6 championships

    • Lane Aikey, first place (120 lbs.)
    • Jude Swisher, first place (126 lbs.)
    • Ethan Richner, first place (160 lbs.)
    • Ethan Rossman, first place (182 lbs.)
    • Aidan O’Shea, second place (113 lbs.)
    • Alex Coppolo, third place (132 lbs.)
    • Max Barier, third place (220 lbs.)
    • Stephen Ivicic, fourth place (170 lbs.)
    • Tyler Benner, fourth place (195 lbs.)
    • Garret Choates, fifth place (106 lbs.)
    • Brady Martin, fifth place (138 lbs.)
    • Andrew McChesney, fifth place (152 lbs.)
    • Alec Bossert, sixth place (145 lbs.)