• During the COVID-19 school closure, many teachers looked for ways to maintain connections with their students and to communicate using video.

    Google Classroom

    • Students begin using Google Classroom in kindergarten
    • Students can sign into Google Classroom using a personal device, here: Google Classroom sign-in. Students may also use the free Classroom app on mobile devices.
      • Many students may need help entering their email addresses since it is saved on their Chromebooks. Teachers can see the student logins in PowerSchool. The email address is the log-in, followed by @basd.net.
      • The password to sign in is the password that students use every day to sign in to Chromebooks at school
      • Step-by-step directions for signing in from home
    • For more information, click here: Google Classroom

    Google Classroom works best if students sign into their district-provided Chromebooks. When they sign in, they are also logged onto Google Classroom

    Google Meet

    • District Google log-in provides access to Hangouts Meet
    • Google Meet can be used to host video chats and livestream video
    • Google Meet is the recommended tool for video chats since it is included as a core service for G-Suite for Education and is covered by Google's privacy policy
    • Visit this link for information: Google Meet

    Remote learning best practices and training

  • More information

    SeeSaw, Bloomz, Class Dojo

    • If parents were invited to join the class at the beginning of the school year, parents already have access and do not need to download, install or learn any new apps
    • Teachers who use these apps already have a safe and secure way to share information and videos with students. If students sign in from home, they can send messages and videos to their teachers.

    Recording videos with Screencastify
    Screencastify is a free extension that can be used to record and edit videos

    • Access to unlimited features, including recordings longer than five minutes, access to the video editor and no watermark has been purchased for all basd.net accounts
    • During setup, use the option to save videos to Google Drive and be sure to give permission to allow the use of your camera and microphone
    • It can be used by both teachers and students, and is already installed for all district student Google accounts
    • To install the extension and for helpful directions and tutorials, visit this link: More information

    Sharing videos with YouTube

    • Choose who can view your videos.
      • Public: anyone can find and view
      • Unlisted: Only people with the link can view
      • Private: Only you can view
    • Record videos directly to YouTube using your laptop or the YouTube app on your phone
    • Use your district email address to sign in to YouTube and create a channel
    • Use Screencastify or any other recording apps to record videos and then upload them to your channel
    • YouTube videos can be shared with students through Google Classroom and on your teacher webpage. If you teach secondary students, you can email links to students

    Flipgrid provides a safe way for teachers to share videos, and for students to record videos that can be viewed by their classmates. Teachers can require approval before videos are published.

    • Check out this page from Flipgrid for directions on how to get started in five minutes, and tips for engaging students
    • Free professional development sessions from Flipgrid include live sessions and self-paced courses
    • From home, students will need to sign into Flipgrid using their district email address and Google password. Students 13 and older can install the app on their mobile device.