• 2022 Taste of Bellefonte / Best of Bellefonte Fundraiser - 

    The Taste of Bellefonte Fundraiser March 11th - March 25th
    We cooked up a great fundraiser this year - a way to promote the team, raise funds, while also promoting the great businesses here in Bellefonte after some tough years ... we're calling it, The Taste of Bellefonte...with a Grand Prize of TWELVE gift certificates from local Bellefonte restaurants... each of the 12 certificates feeds a family of 4. This prize is worth $760!! Along with that, we have second and third prizes all from local Bellefonte merchants we are calling the Best of Bellefonte Prize Packs. These prizes total $1300! The generosity of our community has been totally amazing, and we are so thankful. Let's show these businesses some gratitude for their kindness by selling as many tickets as we can.
    We are asking that each player/parent sell (or purchase) ALL 12 raffle tickets that they receive. Tickets are $10 each. Have your buyer fill out the stub for you and collect it along with the $10/ticket. They can keep the top portion that explains the prizes, has their ticket number and has more info on the fundraiser and Bellefonte lacrosse. Checks can be made payable to Bellefonte Lacrosse Association.
    YOU HAVE UNTIL MARCH 24th/25th TO SELL. Please return the ticket stubs and money back by that day at practice. The drawing date of the winner is APRIL 1st.
    There will be articles coming out on Bellefonte.com, as well as from the school district and potentially some other media outlets....these will have Facebook links. We ask that when you catch wind of these posts, you share them. Folks that do not know a lacrosse player can purchase tickets at the Verizon store in Bellefonte...and this info is promoted in these articles.
    We are also planning a fundraising dinner at URBN in Bellefonte for the drawing night on Friday, April 1st. Meaning, proceeds of sales that evening go to Bellefonte Lacrosse!....AND we are going to do the drawing there and try and live stream it! URBN has suggested those who want to attend make reservations via OpenTable. There will be more details on that as it gets closer...but try and plan now!
    If anyone has any questions, contact your team liaison.
    2022 Pura Vida Spirit Bracelet Sale
    Starting beginning of April
    Players will be required to sell 6 Pura Vida bracelets that have been custom-made in Bellefonte colors...Red, White and Black!
    Each bracelet is $8
    Sell them to any friend, relative or neighbor....any Bellefonte sports supporter (of any sport) or anyone proud of our town! =) They are allowed to sell them in school (parents will be responsible for any lost payments).

    2022 Jr High Lacrosse End Of Season Party 

    All details TBA at a later date. But donations of food and drinks will be requested and a Sign Up Genius will be set up for the event. Set up will also be happening and likely needs volunteers. More information will come as we near the close of our season.