• found by time


    Infinite knowledge, the ability to control time — some forbidden gifts are too dangerous for any single human. What would you do with ultimate power and no consequences?

    Anthony is just like any other college kid, until a strange dream and even stranger legend sends him and his friend Isaiah on a scouting trip into the woods. But when the boys find what they’re looking for and this “legend” proves all too real, unexpected things start to happen…and Anthony and Isaiah are changed forever.

    When the boys realize the raw potential of these untested powers, they are forced to consider their own true natures. With these new abilities, they could help their fellow humans…or cheat on their math exams. Anthony and Isaiah must look deep inside themselves and make a choice: Will they use their new powers for mischief or for good?

    Soon, Anthony and Isaiah are embarking on a magical journey with an unlikely destination: time itself. They have a mission to complete. They also have questions, and this time, they want answers:

    Where did these powers come from in the first place? Who is behind the disembodied voice Anthony keeps hearing? What perils will befall the boys on their journey through time? Can they brave the dangers and political intrigue of this new world…or will they be lost in time forever?

    *Photo and synopsis provided by ReadyAimWrite Publishing and used with permission