Worksheet Packet - Veterans Day Webquest


    Thisscavenger hunt is designed to help educate students on the importance ofVeteran's Day and other related areas. Students seem to know that this is a daywhere they do not have school, but many do not really have an understanding ofwhy it is observed. By using the Internet and the addresses given, they willneed to answer the questions below. This in turn should help the studentsunderstand why we observe this holiday.

    Directions:Using the web sites given, answer the questions given under each heading/topic.



    ORIGINS OF VETERAN’S DAY – click on Origins of Veterans Day’s link


    1. Find the celebrated ending of WorldWar I. 


    2. When did Armistice Day become a nationalholiday? 


    3. Why does The Old Guard keep day andnight vigils at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? 



    ORIGINS OF FLAG DAY – click on Origins of Flag Day


     1. When was the official flag established? 


    2. When was the first time the Stars and Stripes flew in a Flag Daycelebration?


    3. When was Flag Day voted to be a permanent holiday?



    GUIDELINES FOR DISPLAYING A FLAG – click on Guidelines for Displayof the Flag


    1. During what types of weather should a flag not be flown? Why?

     2. How should a flag be placed over a casket?  

    3. List 3 things one should never do, out of respect, to the flag. 

    OLD GLORY – click on Old Glory


    1. Who was the first person to use the name "Old Glory"? 


    2. Where did Captain Driver hide his flag? 


    3. Where is this flag today?



    click “Flying the American Flag at Half Staff”


    1. What is an easy way to remember when to fly the flag at half-staff?



    2. How long should a flag be flown at half-staff after the President of theUnited States dies?



    3. Who issued the proclamation stating when to fly the flag at half-staff?When did this happen?


    PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – click “Pledge of Allegiance”


     1. How many words are there in "The Pledge of Allegiance"? 


    2. What was "The Pledge of Allegiance" written for? 


    3. When did school children first recite "The Pledge ofAllegiance"?


    4. What does "One Nation indivisible" refer to ? 


    5. How does "The Pledge of Allegiance" now read?

    AMERICAN BALD EAGLE- click on “American Bald Eagle”


    1. How long has the bald eagle been our national bird? 


    2. Name the four gold coins in which the eagle appears on the reverse side.



    3. Why has the eagle declined in recent times?



    STAR SPANGLED BANNER – click on Star Spangled Banner


     1. When did "The Star SpangledBanner" officially become the national anthem?


    2. Name two other songs that were considered for use as the nationalanthem.


    3. How many verses does "The Star Spangled Banner" have and whatis the last line of each verse.



    STORY OF TAPS – click “Story of Taps”


    1. When was the song given the name "taps"? 


    2. By what date was it regulation to play taps at military funerals? 


    3. When is taps now played? 


    GUN SALUTES – click “Gun Salutes”


    1. In 1841, the gun salute was standardized to how many guns?


    2. When was the 21-gun salute formally adopted? 


    3. Why is it believed that gun salutes are set off in odd numbers? 


    ORIGINS OF MEMORIAL DAY – click “Origins of Memorial Day”


    1. When was Decoration Day established? 


    2. Where is the official birthplace of Memorial Day? 


    3. When was Memorial Day declared a national holiday? 


    4. How many Americans have died in the nation's wars?



    NATIONAL CEMENTARIES – click “National Cemeteries”


    1. When did national cemeteries begin? 


    2. Who were declared eligible for burial in national cemeteries after WorldWar II?


    3. Name the 3 departments that oversee the national cemeteries.



    ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMENTARY – click “Arlington National Cemetery”


    1. How many people visit Arlington National Cemetery every year?


    2. When was the first soldier buried in Arlington? 


    3. Who can be buried here? 


    4. Name 4 prominent Americans buried in Arlington.