• Sensory walk a new feature at Pleasant Gap Elementary School


    A sensory walk is new to Pleasant Gap Elementary School this school year. It was created by music teacher Jessica Cetnar.

    According to learning support teacher Kate Kohler, the space-themed sensory walk allows student to move around and help regulate their emotions. There is also a part where participating students can move their hands up a wall, which encourages stretching.

    “We use it as a break activity for our kids at school if they need help regulating their bodies (and emotions) and just an integral break as part of their day,” she said.

    Autistic and emotional support teacher Holly Williams added that it’s also a good way for students to work on gross motor skills by jumping, tiptoeing and spinning through the motions in addition to enhancing spatial relationship skills that some students work on through occupational therapy and other support services provided by the school.

    To see a video, visit this link: Sensory walk video

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations, BASD