• Marion-Walker students learn about agriculture through mobile ag lab with the PA Farm Bureau

    stDuring the week of Nov. 4-8, Marion-Walker Elementary School got a special visit from the Mobile Ag Education Science Lab through the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.

    It was a way for kindergarten through fifth-grade students to tour the mobile ag lab with their class and learn a little bit more about agriculture from experts. It included insect and plant identification, the dairy industry, how different produce is grown, the importance of livestock and more.

    For teacher Rebecca Roos’s kindergarten class, they were able to plant a seed that can turn into growing produce such as cucumber, lettuce and radish. The seeds were planted in what was called SoilMoist, which they could then take home. SoilMost is an environmentally friendly alternative to dirt that is effective in plant growth.

    They also learned about different kinds of produce – some which include fruits and vegetables grown in the ground such as carrots, in the middle of the plant such as corn and at the top of the plant such as broccoli.

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations director, BASD