• Alex Tucker: Sixth-grade science teacher, Bellefonte Area Middle School

    tucker 19 Alex Tucker knew teaching was in his blood since he was a kid. It all started with science experiments conducted in his grandma’s kitchen with help from his uncle who was also a science teacher.

    “Growing up, we always had dinner at my grandmother’s, and I had two younger brothers and a younger sister, and after we got done eating, we were all hyped up,” Tucker said. “To have some fun and get us focused, he would always have these kitchen science experiments afterwards that held our attention and allowed us to solve problems and face challenges using things we found in the cupboard. It was always a blast to do those hands-on experiments.”

    The one that stands out most to Tucker was the egg drop and Alka-Seltzer rocket experiments.

    Now, the sixth-grade science teacher at Bellefonte Area Middle School aims to bring the same kind of fun to class that his uncle brought to him. He also incorporates things like art into science class with help from wife and BAMS art teacher Nicole Tucker.

    “I try to have some sort of lab with every lesson” he said. “We work on things like space exploration and model rocket kits, and it’s always a great privilege for them to work toward something like that.”

    One of the class’s fall activities included drawing pastel nebulas with Mrs. Tucker. A nebula is a giant cloud of dust and gas in space that is often named for the way it looks.

    Tucker, a Lansford native, earned his undergraduate degree in elementary education from Kutztown University and received his master’s degree from Wilkes University. He’s been teaching for 11 years, including five at Bellefonte Area School District – first in math before transitioning after a year to his current position.

    “Doing a lot of coaching and working at camp made the transition into education really easy; I feel like it was a natural fit for me,” Tucker said. “I love seeing a subject click for kids. If you never seen something like that, it’s really hard to understand.”

    The Tuckers also have a daughter Cora, born in 2018, and are happy to be members of the Bellefonte community and experience more of what the area has to offer.

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations director, BASD