• ktWinter 2019-20 Employee Spotlight

    In the district’s winter 2019-20 Employee Spotlight feature, we highlighted two district employees. Faculty and staff were randomly selected from the district’s administration, professional staff and support staff. Here, you may find information about Kathy Ellenberger and Alex Tucker.

  • Ellenberger, a cafeteria staff member at Marion-Walker Elementary School, grew up in the most northern point of Alaska and most northern settlement in the country. Despite living in a town only accessible by airplane, she said she considers herself “more of a city girl” who was given opportunities in career and life that she may not have experienced otherwise. Click here to read more.

  • Tucker, sixth-grade science teacher, knew teaching was in his blood since he was a kid. It all started with science experiments conducted in his grandma’s kitchen with help from his uncle who was also a science teacher. Click here to read more.