• What does innovation mean to you?
    innovation 19

    What's your interpretation of design?
    Design 19

    How would you describe entrepreneurship?
    entrepreneurship 19

    What do you think of the word action?
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    *Students photographed are Bellefonte Area High School students Sarah Tobin, Michael Jabco, Madison Hubbs and Sam Sprout. Poster boards created by Bellefonte Area High School art teacher Heather Fry and her art students. Students videoed include those from Bald Eagle, Bellefonte and Penns Valley area school districts.

  • What can a little innovation do for you?
    Video production teacher Carla Cipro speaks with students at Bellefonte Area High School who plan to use the IDEA Hub to enhance ideas they created in teacher Ryan Myers' business class.
    promo video
    *IDEA Hub promo video

    IDEA Hub welcome speech
    Michelle Saylor, superintendent at Bellefonte Area School District, addressed guests at the IDEA Hub launch event. Saying it's a space for "collaboration, innovation and networking," the IDEA Hub is also a place that provides learning opportunities for brainstorming, testing new ideas, engaging in design thinking and expanding classroom learning. It also provides services that extend beyond Centre County as part of the STEM and STEAM ecosystem known as Engine of Central Pennsylvania.
    saylor idea hub
    *Dr. Saylor speaks to guests (video)

    SAS Conference
    Michelle Saylor, superintendent of Bellefonte Area School District, presented at the Standards Aligned System Institute Conference on Dec. 8-11, 2019 in Hershey, which included information about the IDEA Hub.
    idea hub sas conference video
    *IDEA Hub video shown at SAS Conference