• JD Besch
    besch 19
    It's a place to go and learn more of this information when I have some free time.

    Alexander Doebler
    doebler 19
    I can use the IDEA Hub to test out different designs I have for relatively simple machines. It would be nice to have readily-accessible resources to try constructing different ideas such as a card shuffler that uses a rubber belt to move the cards in a less damaging way than typical card shufflers. Having the input from a number of professionals and other students within the IDEA Hub would be an extremely valuable resource for figuring out which ideas actually have merit.

  • Michael Henry
    henry 19
    It's a great way to gain entrepreneurial ideas and a way to act upon those ideas.

    Corinne Hopkins
    hopkins 19
    The IDEA Hub is a great a place for people to get inspiration to start up personal companies.

    Gavin Hosterman
    hosterman 19
    I can go there once a week to get help for planning and getting ideas for starting a solar company and learn skills to do that.

  • William Kothe
    kothe 19
    It will help me come up with some ideas as to how to improve the process of laying carbon fiber, because at the moment it has not been mechanized and is still done by hand.
    Colin Rhoades
    rhoades 19
    The IDEA Hub is a good way to get students involved with team-based activities and allows them to think freely. I personally think the idea is good and can help benefit many young entrepreneurs and others.
    Trinity Rupert
    rupert 19
    It's a place for me and my friends to go and look into new ideas, another place to help learning and starting in the real world once we are 18.
  • *Testimonials are from Bellefonte Area High School students.