Mr. Maney's Classroom Expectations


    1.     Be Punctual!

    To be punctual, you must be in the classroom when the bell rings.  If you are late you must have either a pass or your passport signed by the teacher you came from.  If you don't have your pass or passport signed you'll be marked as tardy.


    2.     Respect is Expected!

    To be respectful, you must not only respect yourself, but others (don't talk while the teacher or someone else is talking), and property (don't vandalize the school or personal property).  Treat others how you would like to be treated.


    3.     Everything, Every day!

    To be prepared for class, you must bring all of your needed materials.  This includes a pencil or pen, your homework (completed on time) or classwork, your binder, and textbook.


    4.     Act Responsibly!

    You are expected to follow the Academic Integrity Policy and all other School Behavior Expectations.


    5.     Due Dates are Due Dates!

    Assignments will be checked the day they are due.  For smaller assignments (i.e. worksheets, short homework assignments, etc.) there are not many moveable due dates.  You either get full credit or no credit.  Larger assignments (i.e. papers, projects, etc.) will be accepted until the end of whichever marking period it was assigned for half credit (full credit for on-time).

    If you miss a day of school, the first thing upon your return is to hand in the assignment due on the day you missed (if one was assigned), check with the teacher to see what you have missed, and collect that work.  Alternative due dates will be worked out between the student and teacher.