• Watch this short video to see how to login and use the start button to find apps, programs, how to change settings, and how to shut down.
    Note: The start button can be used to search for any apps, programs, files, and settings. Just click the start button and type what you are looking for.

    This video shows who to quickly search and access settings using the Windows key.

    See how to quickly and easily change the power and sleep settings in Windows 10.

    Watch this video to see how to add, remove, or change the location of icons on the Windows 10 start menu.

    This video shows how to change the background image in Windows 10 using a photo of your choice.
    Pro Tip: Holding down the Windows key and pressing "D" will show your background. Press again to switch back to your previous screens.

    This video shows how to create a shortcut to a website in Chrome and pin it to the taskbar in Windows 10.

    This video shows how to resize and customize the tiles on your start menu.

    Windows 10 includes the Video Editor app which can be used to trim and merge video clips and to create slideshows.

    Watch this video for help with installing a printer at home with Windows 10.

    This video shows how to use shortcuts to quickly switch between apps in Windows 10.