• Testimonials, 2020-21 season

    We thank both advisers for serving as our BAHS Ski Club advisers and the outstanding job you do in communicating, organizing and ensuring that they have this opportunity. Speaking for our family, we deeply appreciate you. I also want to share my gratitude with Brit (Milazzo) for her service in the U.S. Navy. Wherever your deployment takes you, we wish you Godspeed and we look forward to your return in the fall 2021. Thank you.
    *Mom of junior son (skier)
    On behalf of all the seniors currently in Ski Club, I think I can speak for all of us when we say how grateful we are for both of our advisers. Whether it be on the slopes or in school, both of you have always managed to put a smile on each and every one of our faces, and I can assure you both that we all appreciate it.
    *Logan and the Class of '21 from the best Ski Club in the country

    I have been in snow sports for four years, starting in middle school, and have enjoyed it very much. It has gotten me out on the slopes a lot, helped me to improve my skiing skills and it has gotten me to places I never would have gone before like to Holiday Valley (Ellicottville, N.Y.). I look forward to it each year and I agree, it is the coolest sport.
    *Bailey, freshman skier

    We are thrilled that the school has a Ski Club. Our son has done it with the middle school and is now doing it with the high school. It has been a great way for him to get time on the mountain to improve his skills. One of the biggest benefits was the transportation to and from the mountain. It allowed him to get up there when we may not have been able to drive him otherwise. I know this year we don't have that option, which is unfortunate, but very understandable given the circumstances. The benefit of having to drive him though may force me to brush off my board and go with him a few times! Thank you Ms. Milazzo and Mr. Pastva for everything you have done.
    *Mom of freshman son (snowboarder)
    This is my fourth year in Ski Club and I love it so much! I snowboarded for the first two years in middle school and started skiing last year, and like it so much better. I like how the high school advisers are very good at communicating and explaining everything especially during a time like this. I also think it is nice that (they) do a drawing for gift cards to Tussey, because not everyone has the money this year for trips.
    *Kayla, freshman skier/snowboarder
    This is my eighth year as a parent of students in Ski Club. My son, Tyler, started in sixth grade and my daughter Kayla followed. I love spending time with my kids on the slopes although most of the time they just want to be with there friends. I love the discounts Ski Club offers us because it is a very expensive sport. I think the mountains that the Ski Club goes to out of state are good mountains, and great for all levels of skiers.
    *Dad of freshman daughter (skier)
    Bellefonte Ski and Snow Sports Club offers a special opportunity for students to get involved in the wonderful activities of skiing and snowboarding. My past five years of Ski Club have been truly amazing. With three years at the middle school and two years under my belt at the high school, and another approaching, the experience has gotten better each year. The amazing advisers and participants have brought the spirit of snow sports to Bellefonte and fostered a special community. The skiing season provides a great escape from the seasonal moodiness that the winter season brings and the lull in school around midterms. Every week you have something to look forward to and especially during these uncertain times, a skiing getaway is just what everyone needs. On another note, I would like to thank the advisers, Ms. Milazzo and Mr. Pastva, for fully committing to this club and providing an experience that is second to none. The enthusiasm and uplifting attitude is present every week without failure and adds that little something that puts this club in a league of its own. I have had a wonderful experience so far and I express my gratitude to everyone and I expect the rest of my time in Ski Club to be nothing short of amazing.
    *Quinn, junior skier 
  • Testimonials, 2019-20 season

    Matthew had an excellent time, and we sincerely appreciate the work -- and it is a lot of work to organize a group and logistics like this. Thank you! You go beyond local opportunities as well, and we also appreciate the investments in organizing those excursions to Holiday Valley, Vermont, Seven Springs and more, and in creating fundraising avenues for the kids to offset the costs. You communicate superbly, and I have confidence in Matthew’s safety. You do a sterling job of running the club.
    -Mom of sophomore son (skier)

    We thank the advisers so much for what Ms. Milazzo and Mr. Pastva do. Not only do they run a stellar program, but find ways to give back to the community, as well. During the school closure due to coronavirus, they found a way to help a local medical facility by donating a box of ski goggles for doctors and nurses to use when supplies ran low. What a wonderful idea and great way to help our community.
    -Mon of junior son (snowboarder)

    Thank you for working with this club. Matthew had a great time as always!
    -Dad of sophomore son (skier)

    This season was a success even though the snow could have been better. All the kids seemed to have a wonderful time and I'm happy we were a part of it.
    -Mom of junior son (skier)

    Great job this season! Thank you to both of the advisers for your time to the program!
    -Mom of freshman daughter (skier)

    Logan really enjoyed himself this year. Thanks for always keeping an eye out on him and the rest of the kids.
    -Mom of junior son (skier)

    Our boys really appreciate everything the advisers do to coordinate and ensure this club continues. Thank you!
    -Parents of freshman and senior sons (skiers)

    This season was amazing and I couldn’t even think about changing anything about it. The advisers are great!
    -Logan, junior skier

    Thank you to both advisers for being such awesome advisers to the Ski Club! Their enthusiasm is wonderful and we appreciate it. William had a great time in Vermont and I know it will be a lifelong memory.
    -Mom of freshman son (snowboarder)

    This was my first year with Ski Club and was excited to snowboard this year! My hope was to become a better snowboarder, as well as get better balance and agility. I also made a lot of memories with my friends and had fun on the slopes. My hope coming into the season was that there would be a lot of snow and the possibility of a big trip.
    -Shawn, sophomore snowboarder

    Thanks to Ms. Milazzo and Mr. Pastva for all you have done with us!
    *Eliza, junior skier
    Thank you to the advisers for everything that they have done. These ski seasons from the past couple of years have been the best ones I’ve had. Thank you!
    *Alyssa, junior skier


  • Testimonials, 2018-19 season

    I think Ski Club was wonderful. Thank you to the advisers for all they have done for Ana. She really enjoyed the club and it was one of the highlights for her this year.
    -Dad of junior daughter (skier)

    Thanks so much to the advisers for all their time and effort with this! Nick skied for the first time last March and really enjoyed it. We were thrilled that he wanted to join Ski Club this year. He really enjoyed it and looks forward to continuing next year. Our daughter in eighth grade skied for the first time this year and loved it! She also went again with the younger sister of a high school Ski Club member. Now, they're both excited to join Ski Club next year.
    -Mom of junior son (skier)

    I heard nothing, but positives regarding Ski Club. From a parent perspective, I like the updated emails.  You need to teach others on how well to keep the communication lines open. Also, I like that there is a pay-by-the-week option for Tussey Mountain trips. Thanks to the advisers for their hard work on the club. It was great.
    -Dad of freshman daughter (skier)

    I love Ski Club because it gives kids, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to go skiing, the opportunity to go on exciting trips with friends. It's a great way to hang out with friends and get to know one another. My favorite memory from Ski Club was playing Heads Up with some teachers and friends in the lodge at Tussey Mountain. Tussey closed down many of its trails this day due to ice buildup, forcing many students, chaperones and advisers to be stuck in the lodge. To keep up the fun despite not being able to ski and snowboard, Ms. Seitz came up with a game on her phone called Heads Up and everyone joined from the adults on the trip to the students. It’s nice that everyone, despite the big age difference in students and adults, can join together to have a lot of fun no matter what we’re doing with Ski Club.
    -Mia, Freshman skier

    We were impressed with the communication. Nick had a great time on all the outings and we feel it was a great value as opposed to not being a member of the club. We look forward to Ms. Milazzo and Mr. Pastva leading the club next season. Thank you for putting in the extra time for the benefit of our children. We know they had a good time too!
    -Parents of freshman son (skier)

    I think the level of effort this year that was put in by the advisers was stellar! I’m usually not a big fan of fundraising, because I have seen how it just raises money for the club as a whole and is passed on from year to year. With that said, the Ski Club’s fundraising was awesome! I especially like that it went into the kids’ individual accounts. I also loved the week-to-week option for Tussey Mountain trips, so winter sports kids have the option to do Ski Club even if they’re involved in other activities.
    -Dad of sophomore son (skier)

    From what I have been told by the kids, this year was great. They would have liked less rain, but Tori had a fabulous time. I appreciate how organized the program is, and the communication that was always there. The sacrifice that was made by all of the adults is a blessing. I hope the kids continue to participate throughout their high school years -- not to mention it gets them off of their phones.
    -Mom of freshman daughter (skier)

    We really appreciated all the detail and very concise communication. In an age where most communicate via email, it still seems to me that there are a lot of details missing from groups. This is not the case with Ski Club. All the questions that would likely arise are already answered within the emails.  
    -Parents of freshman son (skier)

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