• A report from the Education Week Research Center shows that graduation rates for charter schools "have suffered from chronically low graduation rates" of less than 50 percent since the 2010-11 school year. Education week further reports about low graduation rates specifically at cyber charter schools. See the article, here: Online charter school graduation trend. You may also see more detailed information about Pennsylvania cyber charter school graduation, here: PA cyber charter schools

    At Bellefonte Area High School, the graduation rate is 98 percent of students who start at BAHS the beginning of their senior year and graduate on time; and 92.8 percent of students who start at the high school in their freshman year and graduate within four years, according to data from the PA Future Ready Index. The state average is 86 percent.

    There is also a near-100 percent success rate for students passing classes through the district’s BeLA program – Bellefonte eLearning Academy. Cyber Education Coordinator Rebecca Leitzell said that’s because the program is set up in the best interest of the student to boost his or her success.

    “If students struggle in BeLA, we can provide them with other options,” she said. “We do not allow them to continue with online learning and fail.”

  • These are graduation rates of cyber charter schools attended by student living within the boundaries of Bellefonte Area School District, which tuition was paid for by the district in the 2018-19 school year:

    • 21st Century Cyber Charter School: 62 percent
    • Agora Cyber Charter School: 45 percent
    • Central Pennsylvania Digital Learning Foundation Charter School: 25 percent
    • Commonwealth Charter School: 68 percent
    • Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School: 50 percent
    • Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School: 71 percent
    • Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School: 77 percent

    Information also shows that 100 percent of BeLA students who took state standardized tests have scored proficient or advanced. According to data from Niche.com, a Pittsburgh-based rating and review website, of the cyber charter schools funded by Bellefonte Area School District in the 2018-19 school year, none have higher stats.

    • 21st Century Cyber Charter School
      • 62 percent proficient in reading
      • 38 percent proficient in math
    • Agora Cyber Charter School
      • 34 percent proficient in reading
      • 14 percent proficient in math
    • Central Pennsylvania Digital Learning Foundation Charter School
      • 37 percent proficient in reading
      • 17 percent proficient in math
    • Commonwealth Charter Academy
      • 41 percent proficient in reading
      • 19 percent proficient in math
    • Keystone Education Center Charter School
      • 12 percent proficient in reading
      • 5 percent proficient in math
    • Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School
      • 48 percent proficient in reading
      • 24 percent proficient in math
    • Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School
      • 54 percent proficient in reading
      • 30 percent proficient in math
    • Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School
      • 52 percent proficient in reading
      • 25 percent proficient in math