• *Submitted by BAHS junior Maya Fulton

  • spanish field trip april 2019

    Hispanic Flamenco Ballet
    Spanish Honor Society sponsored a field trip April 10 for students in Spanish classes at Bellefonte Area High School. The group attended the Scottish Rite Theater in Harrisburg for a musical tour through Spain and Latin America. There, students had the opportunity to see two shows that included cultural dances and music popular in each of the countries and time periods depicted.
    The first show represented Latin America, with dances such as la Bomba, tango and samba. Each of the dancers had bright, colorful costumes to go along with the dances and dressed to represent their culture. The second show took the students through Spain and showed the ways that music and dance developed over time. It started with folklore, followed by rumba and ended with flamenco. Once again, the dancers portrayed the cultural outfits that corresponded with the genre and style of the time. At the end, selected student had the chance to dance on stage with the performers and show off their flamenco talent.
    Before the return back, students were able to stop at Fiesta Mexico for authentic Mexican meals and tried a variety of dishes.
    This event provided students with an experience to learn more about Hispanic culture through food and dance.

  • spanish traditional activity

    Cascarones are hollowed eggs that are decorated and filled with confetti or small toys, comparable to Easter eggs known in the United States. Cascarones originated in Mexico, and have become an Easter tradition for many families around the world. Breaking a cascarón on a person’s head is meant to bring them good luck, or "suerte" in Spanish.
    In senior Spanish classes – Advanced Placement and Level 5 – students made cascarones at home by hollowing out the eggs, and then brought them into class, filled them with confetti, decorated the outside and participated in the activity by breaking the cascarones on the head of one of their classmates and teacher Emily Zimdahl-McManus, and belly of Spanish teacher Victoria Smith who is expecting a child. It was a fun activity for the classes and taught the students about cultural practices in other countries.

  • spanish easter egg hunt

    Búsqueda de Huevos
    Students in the Spanish department participated in a fun, educational activity April 18 to celebrate Easter break. Students used their knowledge of Spanish directional terms, as well as the command form, to take part in an egg hunt. During the game, one person would put on a blindfold, while a friend navigated them around the classroom to find the egg that had been hidden. Directions were given in Spanish. After everyone had the chance to speak and search, the class was able to enjoy the treats within the eggs – a great ending to the week.