• Bellefonte Area students create artwork for a CATA bus


    If you ask elementary school students from Bellefonte Area School District where they’d like to go on a CATA bus, they might tell you anywhere from outer space, to Europe, to the southwest desert.

    Well, Centre Area Transportation Authority asked just that and allowed students from across Centre County to depict their destination in a drawing. Some of those drawings were then selected to be pasted on the side of a CATA bus, including five from students at the district — two from Bellefonte Elementary School, two from Benner Elementary School and one from Marion-Walker Elementary School.

    That bus then went on tour around the district to showcase the work.

    According to a press release from CATA, the transportation service conducted a poster contest in the fall, open to students in kindergarten through fifth-grade. Students who submitted work must have made a drawing to the question, “if you could go anywhere, where would you go on a CATA bus?” There were 610 submissions.

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations director, BASD 

  • Winners from BASD

    • Sam Pollick: Kindergarten, Marion-Walker
    • Celia Hunter: Second-grade, Benner Elementary
    • Lexie Whitehill: Third-grade, Bellefonte Elementary
    • Elliana Miller: Fifth-grade, Bellefonte Elementary
    • Ella Johnsonbaugh: Third-grade, Benner Elementary

    Other winners

    • Daniel Berezhnoy: First-grade, Centre County Christian Academy
    • Alyssa Berezhnoy: Fourth-grade, Centre County Christian Academy