• Uniform - Wash & Care Instructions

    Post-Embellishment is NOT recommended for digital uniforms.

    Pre-Wash garments, wash twice at recommended care with detergent before wear. Done by coaching staff

    Follow care instructions that are permanently affixed to the inside of each garment. Wash immediately after wear. Do not alow stains to set.

    Wash white garments separate from colored garments.

    Wash in cold water to avoid colorfastness issues.

    Use Oxygenated cleaners, detergent specifically for uniforms/performance fabrics or mild detergent (<10ph).

    Do NOT use chlorine bleach.

    Do NOT dry clean or iron.

    Do NOT use fabric softeners.

    Do NOT soak garments.

    Fasten hook & loop tapes to avoid snagging in wash.

    Do NOT overload machine. Water level should be higher than garment level. Do NOT let wet garments lay on top of one another.

    Inspect garments after wash. If stains have not been removed, wash again. Do NOT dry until stains are removed.

    Line dry when possible or required.

    Be sure garments are completely dry before storing.

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