• Lip Sync and Variety Show event to help boost confidence of students, while benefiting a good cause

    showWhen students get on stage for the 25th annual Lip Sync and Variety Show event at Bellefonte Elementary School, they may be conquering fears of performing in front of a large, live audience – but they’ll be doing it for a good cause, while helping to boost their confidence.

    The event is annually held to support the FaithCentre food bank in Bellefonte. Admission to the show at 6:30 p.m. March 22 is to bring in canned food goods that will be donated to the local food bank. Event co-chairwoman Dara Harper said that in the past, the event has collected 600 to 1,000 items, in addition to other monetary contributions.

    Sponsored by the PTO, about 60 students are part of this year’s event, including groups of students who work on the backstage crew, and volunteers who help make the program possible. It also includes about 20 acts that plan to perform lip-syncing routines, a choreographed dance number and a solo a capella performance.

    “We are celebrating the 25th (year), so we are hoping to see some alumni come back to watch the event,” Harper said. “It has been a fun event for so many over the years.”

    She also said there will be “surprise” acts.

    Planning begins about two months ahead of the event by facilitating and organizing things in the process. Participants sign up in January and then are encouraged to practice and prepare regularly. By March, there is a full stage rehearsal.

    And perhaps one of the other important aspects of the event is giving students an outlet to give back and help boost their confidence in the meantime. Luckily, the audience is usually extremely supportive, Harper said.

    “The event is also a great bridge to future performance possibilities for these kids,” Harper said. “Whether it is drama, choir, band, orchestra, dance… it is always fun to see these kids continue their love of performing.”

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations director, BASD