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    Welcome to Jr. High Girls LAX 2024 Season!

    Being finalized
    email: msgirlslacrosseclub@basd.net
    A Remind will be set up for the season and will be able to be used by players age 13 and older plus all parents. We will have more info as it is finalized.


    This season it is required that all players register with US Lacrosse at https://www.usalacrosse.com at a cost of $30. Once you are on the website click on BAMS Lacrosse.  When you go to check out to pay it should say Central Pennsylvania Chapter of US Lacrosse.

    Because BAMS Lacrosse is considered a club sport, and not funded by the district, there is a registration fee. The 2024 registration fee is $75. You must fill out the registration form....2024 Bellefonte Jr. High Lacrosse Registration Form

    Season Start, March 4, 2024 - 

    A physical exam is required for an athlete to be eligible to participate. Physical/PIAA packets are submitted online through PlanetHS . Please contact msgirlslacrosseclub@basd.net or girlslacrosse@basd.net details on this and any registration questions. This must be completed by February 26, 2024.  Don't delay. =) 

    We also ask that you get involved in Fundraising efforts. Since we are a booster-funded sport, it is imperative we try as hard as we can to not only fund the middle schoolers and all of the costs associated to make it a fun and exciting program, but fundraising also helps support the high schoolers in the costs that fall outside of what the district offers them. So across the board it takes an army, so we need ya! Please attend fundraising meetings if possible or get involved by coming to monthly board meetings. It is great to to know what is going on and all that goes on behind the scenes to make these programs possible.



    What If My Daugther Has Never Played Lacrosse Before?

    That is totally fine! No experience necessary. There is no time like the present! She'll learn skills through drills and practice and learn the game itself through coaching and gameplay practices, so when the first game comes she will feel prepared. And older players are always there to help with questions and direction.


    What Gear Do I Need?
    UNIFORMS ARE SUPPLIED (Skirt and Tank Top)
    Other than uniforms, all other equipment must be purchased (with exception of Goalie gear).
    The following 4 items are required:

    • Lacrosse Stick
    • Cleats - NO METAL SPIKES
      (Preferred to avoid field slipping and injury - though sneakers are permitted)
    • Lacrosse Goggles
      Goggles must be stamped with SEI mark on them or this code ASTM F3077-2017
    • Mouth Guard 
      Mouthguard must be a colored mouthguard. No clear, no white, and no decorative mouthguards (ie fangs etc) are allowed.

    The items listed below are suggested items. These items are NOT required, but useful for player organization or for comfort in cold early-season games.

    • Gym Bag, Duffle Bag or Lacrosse Backpack
      A stick bag is not necessary, but some players like them. Others do not. But a gym bag, sports duffle bag or Lacrosse Back pack to carry extra clothes and smaller gear is typically helpful. The Lacrosse back packs are currently popular because they have lots of storage and ways to attach your stick to the bag.
    • Lacrosse Gloves
      Some players like them, some don't. Totally your preference, but nice when it is cold. Women's lacrosse gloves look similar to mechanic gloves they are padded around the knuckles, they aren't like ice hockey or the boys' lacrosse gloves.
    • Black Leggings
      Highly recommended to have for under uniform skirts at the beginning of the season or earlier morning travel when the weather is cold.
    • Black Long-sleeved Shirt –
      (Recommend fitted or compression style to fit under uniform Tank shirt)

      Nice to have for under uniform tank tops at the beginning of the season.
      Another tip is to wear a sports bra under this layer, so if your player gets hot during the game, it's easy to shed that layer without needing to find a bathroom.


    Where Are The Games Played?

    As the girls' middle school team is not recognized as an official school sport and is considered a club, the game schedule is a bit different than the JV/High School team (which IS a school sport). Currently, middle school games are away but hoping in the future to be able to have some home games at our new stadium. This requires travel for games. Typically State College, and the mid-state area such as Chambersburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster area. Rides are not provided by the school, however, ride-sharing with other players and families can often be planned.

    When Are The Practices?

    Dependent upon gyms and fields available, practices start in the gym at the beginning of the season in March due to weather. This year's practice schedule is still being worked out. And will be announced or requested to the email address.

    Once the weather gets nicer, practices will be held outside...typically right after school. Also, practices are typically outdoor and held at the field left of the front entrance to the middle school. If this changes, we will let you know if you provide contact information to msgirlslacrosseclub@basd.net. There is also a possibility of practices being held at the high school field with JV/Varsity, but these details are still being worked out.