Coach:  Mike Uchneat (mslacrosseclub@basd.net)

    Team Liaison:  Denise Shivery (dshivery@msn.com)

    Hey Middle Schoolers!! 

    Want to try something fun, that is three sports rolled into one?

    Lacrosse is a fun, fast-paced game that is part football, hockey and basketball.  It is a great sport where you will learn teamwork, fun skills with a lacrosse stick, get tons of exercise, meet new people and make great friendships along the way!

    Bellefonte Lacrosse is a Spring sport whose official season starts in March.

    Open to all Bellefonte 6th-8th grade boys.

    Interested in playing?  No experience necessary!  Email mslacrosseclub@basd.net

    The Junior High Team is a Club Sport and is funded entirely by the Lacrosse Booster Club.  There is a $75 cost per player to help with the costs for the season (referees, registration fees, etc.)  We also ask that you actively participate in our fundraisers.  The player is also responsible for providing their own chest protectors, elbow pads, gloves and stick.  It is looking like Spring 2023 season games will be held on Sunday's and there is travel required.


     Follow us on Facebook at  Bellefonte Lacrosse or on Instagram @bellefontelax for upcoming events, like Open Field/Gym opportunities.  These open events offer you a chance to try lacrosse for FREE!  (Stick and pads can be provided.  We ask that you contact the coach prior to attending so we can be sure equipment is on hand for your player to use.)