• Meet student author Annie Cernuska

    Annie Cernuska is the author of the book, “The Hunter Voyage,” a 75-page chapter book geared toward kids ages 8 to 15 and published by ReadyAimWrite Kids publishing company in Harrisburg.

    She noticed at a young age that writing was something she excelled in, calling it “natural” for her to do. When author and publisher Stephen Kozan visited Marion-Walker Elementary School in the 2017-18 school year – while Annie was a fifth-grade student – she got just the push she needed to enhance her writing.

    “The day he visited, I remember really taking in all that he said and wanted to come to the Family Reading Night that was planned that evening,” Annie said. “That's when he introduced the Flash Fiction story contest. I thought it was a great idea and started writing my flash-fiction.”

    Flash Fiction, according to Kozan, is a contest for students to write a one-page fictional story. He selects finalists among hundreds of submissions, which the students must then write a 150-word synopsis for. One finalist from each school he presents the competition at is chosen as the winner, which Annie was named, this year.

    “I anxiously waited to hear back from Stephen Kozan, and finally heard that I was chosen to have my story idea developed into a published book,” Annie said. “This experience has since drawn me closer to my love of writing.”