• Bellefonte Area School District offers cyber education for its students who may feel this form of alternative learning is a good fit for them. Different than cyber charter schools, the BeLA program – Bellefonte eLearning Academy, started in 2009 – means a student who goes through the virtual program is still a student of BASD and may participate in other Bellefonte Area-offered classes, clubs, athletics, fine arts and extracurricular activities provided by the district. He or she may also attend Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology. Additionally, upon graduation, he or she will receive a Bellefonte Area diploma. To visit the BeLA website, visit this link: https://www.basd.net//site/Default.aspx?PageID=48.

    In this section, you may learn more about the program through information from the district's Cyber Education Coordinator Rebecca Leitzell, testimonials, happenings in Harrisburg that could affect cyber schools and more: