• Learn Something New with LinkedIn
    Guest blog by the LinkedIn Careers Team

    LinkedIn is helping people discover and develop the skills they need through a personalized, data-driven learning experience. Browse different Marketing jobs, descriptions, and even salary information. Industry information is regularly updated by LinkedIn.

  • Making the Search Easier

    Have you spent hours, days, or even weeks scrolling through hundreds of job listings trying to identify the "perfect job title" that fits your interests? You're not alone. One of the biggest challenges job seekers have is knowing what types of jobs to search for in their job search, or even which jobs exist (e.g.: Sales Jobs). LinkedIn heard you and as a result launched new career pages designed with the applicant in mind. Now, job seekers and students unfamiliar with the professional landscape can browse job titles within various job functions. LinkedIn surfaces popular titles and listings, as well as top cities and companies for a specific job (e.g.., Human Resources jobs), making it easier for job seekers and exploring students to learn more about opportunities in various fields.

    Now that you’ve found the right path, start diving in by learning new skills.

    Discover and Develop New Skills via LinkedIn Learning Video
    Each week presents a new opportunity for you to learn the skills necessary to take on the next big challenge. LinkedIn Learning wants to do everything possible to help make that happen. That’s why each week more classes are added to the 10,000+ course library. LinkedIn's goal is to help people discover and develop the skills they need through a personalized, data-driven learning experience.

    See the LinkedIn Learning video, here.
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    LinkedIn Learning combines industry-leading content from with LinkedIn’s professional data and network. Get a unique view of how jobs, industries, organizations, and skills evolve over time powered by more than 500 million member profiles, including billions of engagements. From this, LinkedIn can identify the skills you need and deliver expert-led courses to help you obtain those skills. It takes the guesswork out of learning!

    Take Your New Skills to the Next Level and Achieve Your Goal!
    You can identify which skills are key to achieving business goals, and learn those skills in a personalized, efficient way. Delve into paths that are available to you with your new skill set via the LinkedIn career exploration pages. There you can discover jobs by function, with job titles you didn’t even know existed and relevant salary information.