• It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know
    Guest blog by the LinkedIn Careers Team
    Contributed by Brit Milazzo, BASD public relations

    So, you have a job in mind, but what is going to set you apart from everyone else who just graduated high school or college with similar qualifications? Your network! Harness the power of your network to provide you with an edge in your career search.

    Do I even have a network?
    LinkedIn is helping students from around the country tap into their professional community — whether they realize they have one already or not. LinkedIn has the power to uncover first- and second-degree connections that will boost your chances of getting hired for highly sought-after jobs in a competitive market. LinkedIn found that 70 percent of people hired at a company where they had a connection. One of the easiest ways for students to make connections is through the LinkedIn Alumni tool. It’s a simple way to explore and create alumni connections from your school. You can lean in on where they work now and in what cities. If you're a college graduate, simply search for your school and select “see alumni” to get started. You can access career paths for more than 23,000 colleges and universities worldwide.

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    Your First Job is a First Step!

    Even if you land a job right out of high school or college, the most successful professionals will warn you about complacency and how it may negatively affect your earning potential over time. Searching for jobs can seem like a daunting task, especially right after you've just landed one. It’s ideal to continue interviewing and keep an open mind for your next career move. LinkedIn has made it easier than ever to keep your options open even when you’re not actively seeking alternative employment. It’s called Open Candidates and it’s as easy as updating your LinkedIn career interest preferences. By flipping the switch, you privately signal to recruiters that you’re interested in new opportunities.

    What Now?
    Create or update your LinkedIn profile. There is no other place where you can access such a wide range of knowledge, skills and resources to help you reach your goals!