• Honors Band

    In addition to the requirements for Concert Band, students in Honors Band will have additional assignments from the options below. The Listening assignment is required every quarter, and students will choose another assignment from the list for a total of two assignments per quarter.

    1. Listening: Choose one of the pieces on the "Significant Pieces for Band/Wind Ensemble" list below. Find some background information on the piece, listen to a recommended recording, and write a brief (1-page) paper on the information you found and your own thoughts of the piece after listening. This is required every quarter! 
    2. Concert Observation: Attend a concert of your choice of an ensemble that is high school or college-level (Mr. Rebarchak will provide a list of potential concerts). Prepare a critical review of the concert (2 -3 paragraphs) and submit it to Mr. Rebarchak along with the program of the concert (if available).
    3. Self Improvement: Take private lessons from a certified teacher or attend 2 private lessons each marking period with Mr. Rebarchak. The first lesson must be completed by the mid point of the term, the second lesson to be completed before the end of the marking period. 
    4. Performance: Play at an event outside of the school. Examples: sporting event, public event or social/civic meeting, or when Mr. Rebarchak says "I have a performance opportunity for anyone interested." 
    5. Education: Give a lesson to another student at any level. Write a short reflection paper on the experience.
    6. Leadership: assist the teachers of the younger ensembles with their rehearsals or concerts. Write a short reflection paper on the experience.

    If you have any questions please contact Mr. Rebarchak at the school at anytime by phone or email.

    Significant Pieces for Band/Wind Ensemble

    These are generally considered by professionals in the field to be top works for band/wind ensemble. Any link below is a link to a recommended recording of that specific piece. If a piece you would like to listen to does not have a link, please ask Mr. Rebarchak for a recommended recording.

    1. Benson, Warren - The Passing Bell*
    2. Bernstein, Leonard -Symphonic Dances from "West Side Story" (transcribed by Paul Lavender)
    3. Bolcom, William - First Symphony for Band
    4. Copland, Aaron - Emblems
    5. Dahl, Ingolf - Sinfonietta
    6. Dello Joio, Norman - Variants on a Medieval Tune
    7. Dvořák, Antonin - Serenade for Winds, Op. 44
    8. Gabrieli, Giovanni - Sonata pian' e forte
    9. Grainger, Percy - Lincolnshire Posy
    10. Grantham, Donald - Southern Harmony
    11. Hanson, Howard - Chorale & Alleluia
    12. Hindemith, Paul - Symphony in B-flat
    13. Holst, Gustav - First Suite in E-flat
    14. Husa, Karel - Music for Prague, 1968*
    15. Ives, Charles - Variations on "America" (transcribed by Schuman/Rhoads)
    16. Jacob, Gordon - William Byrd Suite*
    17. Mackey, John - Wine-Dark Sea: Symphony for Band
    18. Mennin, Peter - Canzona
    19. Milhaud, Darius - Suite Française
    20. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Serenade No. 10 in B-flat, "Gran Partita" K. 361
    21. Nelson, Ron - Passacaglia, "Homage on B-A-C-H"
    22. Persichetti, Vincent - Symphony No. 6 for Band
    23. Reed, H. Owen - La Fiesta Mexicana
    24. Schoenberg, Arnold - Theme and Variations, Op. 43a
    25. Schuman, William - George Washington Bridge
    26. Strauss, Richard - Serenade in E-flat, Op. 7
    27. Stravinsky, Igor - Symphonies of Wind Instruments
    28. Ticheli, Frank - Postcard
    29. Vaughan Williams, Ralph - English Folk Song Suite
    30. Weill, Kurt - Little Threepenny Music

    *Please see Mr. Rebarchak for a recording