• Electronic Reader Procedure

    The school administration recognizes portable electronic devices as valuable tools to today’s citizens and the benefit in using them for educational purposes. Furthermore, the administration recognizes that students should be provided with guidance on appropriate use of such devices. However, ordinary use of portable electronic devices in school situations that cause disruption and interfere with the educational process are not acceptable.

    • Electronic readers may be turned on with direct permission from the teacher for reading purposes only.
    • Students are responsible for setting up and maintaining their devices. The district will not provide technological support for personal devices.
    • Students are responsible to follow the guidelines of this procedure as well as those of the District’s Acceptable Use/Internet Use Policy.
    • Student use of personal electronic readers is to be considered a privilege. Should such devices be misused in violation of a policy, the device will be confiscated and student subject to disciplinary action. Further disciplinary procedure will result from subsequent violations.

    Students and parents should be advised that bringing an electronic device to school is not required and should the student choose to do so, the school has no liability if the device should be lost or stolen. Furthermore, school administration has the right to confiscate and search electronic devices that the student chooses to bring with them throughout the school day if there is suspicion that it is being used inappropriately.

    Students and parents that determine they will allow student to bring their own technology device to school must fill out a Personal Electronic Device form detailing the specifics of the device.