• Personal Electronic Device Guidelines

    Electronic device use is restricted at Bellefonte Area Middle School. Students must keep their electronic devices in their lockers at all times unless otherwise directed or assigned by a teacher. As this is the case, the only reason a student will be permitted to use an electronic device throughout the day is for an academic purpose, or another purpose determined by a teacher. In addition, students are not permitted to possess or use any device that provides for a wireless, unfiltered connection to the internet.

    As per the policy, students may possess cellular telephones on school district property and at school district events. They shall be used only in a manner that is not disruptive to the school and its educational activities.  Principals may, in addition, adopt and enforce reasonable rules and regulations thereto, and as situations may warrant, revoke such privileges for any and all students.

    Cell phones may be used only before or after school.  Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and locked in lockers during the instructional day. Students must turn off cell phones from 8:00 AM through the end of the school day at 3:15 PM.  Students are permitted to use cell phones until 7:55 AM, provided they are used in a manner that is not disruptive or that violates any school policy.

    Students are responsible for the safe-keeping of their own electronic devices. The school will not be responsible for replacing any lost or stolen items nor be held liable.

    The chart below details consequences for restricted electronic devices:




    Confiscated/Returned to student


    Confiscated/Returned to parent/Detention


    Confiscated/Returned to parent/ISS/Cell phone banned at school

    Unauthorized use/or possession of electronic devices shall result in progressive discipline measures as stated in board policy and student handbook.