• Acceptable Use Guidelines

    Bellefonte Area Middle School adheres to the Acceptable Use Policy as outlined by the Bellefonte Area School Board of Directors.  You may view this policy on the District web site: www.basd.net and look under School Board, Board Policies.

    All BASD students are provided with BASD network user accounts. Access to the BASD network and the Internet is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use may result in a cancellation of those privileges. Each user of the BASD network is responsible for any and all activity initiated by his/her account. Users are responsible for selecting a secure password for their account and for keeping the password secret at all times. Passwords must never be given out. The purpose of providing access to the BASD network and the Internet is to support education within the schools of the Bellefonte Area School District by providing the opportunity to develop 21st Century skills such as:  collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, research and digital citizenship.

    In order to provide a safeguard to help prevent the accidental access of inappropriate material, and to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, Internet access will be filtered using filtering software. The filtering will be in place for all Internet access provided by BASD. Use of a filtering program does not remove the responsibility of network users to restrict their online activities to activities that comply with the guidelines and standards of the acceptable use policy.